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May the stars guide you

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

~Stephen Hawking

Welcome to TSP by QueenVivi

| C u r r e n t .:. S e a s o n |

Leaf Bare

Leaf-Bare by BIueMoon

Ice and slush, furious blizzards and rapid tornados....This is FlurryClan!
Windstorms with freezing rain and bone chilling winds attack this clan. The camp is located on a mountain side in a small cluster of evergreens. The leader's den is underneath a fallen pine tree, which is a warm, cozy burrow.The healer's den is located in a stump, buried under a snow bank, inside is warm, dead grass. The Nursery is found in a pile of pine tree branches, underneath is a small dugout with plenty of room. The Warrior's den is found in holly bushes at the edge of camp, rabbits tend to find themselves trapped in the bushes.... The apprentice's den is inside an old, rotted log that has been preserved by the frost. The elder's den Is underneath a low branched evergreen, built like a two-leg hut. The food pile is buried under a pile of snow to keep it fresh.

NorthStar korria1234

NightFrost - Bouncy by BIueMoon NightFrost BIueMoon

:bulletwhite:Medicine Cat:bulletwhite:
WickerPelt - Bouncy by BIueMoon WickerPelt Frozen-Dead-Soul

TallPine Yura-Sin
ShadowMask Jaddels
LeopardShade Wolfabella555

PowderPaw Winter-Wondermare
FluffyPaw Wolfabella555

BreezeSwirl Frozen-Dead-Soul

FrozenKit Frozen-Dead-Soul
HollyKit storm52201
ThistleKit QueenVivi
(Breeze's 3 kits)

At the edge of a thick, bushy forest, lies a beach full of life. Sandy stretches and rocky cliffs lined with cats. This is Shore Clan! The leader's den is a wrecked, turned over row boat left abandoned. The healers den is a small stillpool full of starfish and other various creatures and plants surrounded and hidden away by a thick nest of reeds. The Apprentice's den is also hidden in this nest of reeds, a few feet from the healer's den. The Warrior's den lies on the rocky cliff under an over hang about 7 feet off the ground, reeds used as nesting. The Nursery is Underneath that, buried in a sand burrow held up by stone walls. The Elder's den is hidden, deep inside the nestled bushes on the edge of the forest, keeping them comfortable and well hidden. Last but not least, the food pile. Its at the base of the cliff, under a small over hang piled up on sea shells.

HorizonStar - Bouncy by BIueMoon HorizonStar BIueMoon

ShallowWaters - Bouncy by BIueMoonSwallowWaters Yura-Sin

:bulletblue:Medicine Cat:bulletblue:
EmberCloud - Bouncy by BIueMoon EmberCloud HealerSunDrip

RoughTides BIueMoon
SandStorm AJmusicandstuff
DarkSong Lightningwing1234
ScarPool Timmy-the-Tiger
WillowFrost SceneMuffin
SwiftStreak rninnowly
FadeJaguar Burnning-KitKat-1456
MouseFrost STAG-KING

TidalPaw Yura-Sin
SweetPaw VampireKittenRose
CaimanPaw BIueMoon
SandyPaw M00NL1T-M4SK
Cocoapaw dragonlover786

BlindCliff Raspberri-Ice

ShadeKit KillerOreoXD

Sharks have been spotted off the shore, watch your paws! Keep your pelt out of the water! Leaf-Bare has made the waters freezing cold, so keep dry and warm!

A clear, dark section of the forest.... fear scarred into the land by flames of fire. This where the cats nest... This is HallowClan! Fallen, charred trees lay, scattered among the clearing of dirt patches and fresh, young grass. The Leader's den rests inside the largest, burnt stump in the clearing. Inside is hollowed out and has plenty of room for a tired cat to rest, and the top is flat and perfect for giving the daily news to the clan. The healer's den is in the log that was once part of the mighty stump, plenty of notches line the inside of the stump, so plenty of storage room. The Nursery is hidden inside a burrow nearby, another stump guards the entrance. The Warriors den is placed inside a huge refuge of burnt thorn bushes, making them painful to be stabbed by. The Warriors have learned how to deal with the pricks and prods of their den. The Apprentice's den is located right beside the warrior's den, nested inside another burnt, dead stump. The Elder's den is found in a clearing in the center of a patch of tall grass, cleverly woven into a ball like den. The elders sleep safe and sound inside. The food pile is hidden inside a small log, stuffed to the brim with as much food as the cats can catch.

ScorchedStar - Bouncy by BIueMoon ScorchedStar (Yura-Sin)

SnowPool - Bouncy by BIueMoon SnowPool (Frozen-Dead-Soul)

:bulletgreen:Medicine Cat:bulletgreen:
RoseHeart (LadyMoondust)

KestrelFeather (BIueMoon)
TalonClaw (BIueMoon)
NightShade (Yura-Sin)
SparrowTail (Yura-Sin)
LionBlaze (BIueMoon )
GreyCloud (???)
WolfHowl (???)

ClayPaw (BIueMoon)
HawkPaw (???)
BlackPaw (???)
TawnyPaw (???)
DovePaw (???)

ElmKit (Jaddels)
BrackenKit (Sky-Winds)

Leaf-Bare is here! Becareful going into the forest at night as temperatures are low

Surrounded, Hidden, stashed at the edge of the forest, hides a clan of cats. This is Cave Clan!The mossy side of a cliff is where they make their dens. Trails edged into the rock of the cliff as paths up. The Leader's den is highest on the cliff, up high at 10 feet. It's full of comfortable moss. The healer's den is at the very bottom of the cliff, hidden because the entrance is covered by hanging moss, inside is a course rock ceiling dripping with fresh, clean water. The Nursery is up the cliff about 4 feet, safely placed in the largest cave. The Warriors den lies about 6 to 7 feet up, their cave is split into a diverse cave system, leading a few feet into the cliff. The Apprentice's den is under an over hang 3 feet up, exposed to the elements, besides rain of course. The elder's den is at the bottom, in a small cave at the end of the cliff, only about a foot off the ground. The food pile is inside the largest, main cave.The main cave is at the bottom of the cliff, and has a connecting tunnel with the healer's den.Inside is a spring system that provides fresh water. The food is stocked on a flat rock in the middle of the cave.

FawnStar - Bouncy by BIueMoon FawnStar (LadyMoondust)

MossyStone (WulfluvrBlackdrgn)

:bulletblack:Medicine Cat:bulletblack:
ClearLine (2devils)

Blacktail ( Lightningwing1234 )
Fireflint ( Fire-flint )
Batsong ( BriarcloudAndFriends )
BrokenClaw ( LadyMoondust )
Fangscar ( Jaddels )
Eagletuft ( 1the-vampire-lestat1 )
Wintersolstice ( ManlyBug )
Cedarclaw ( bpcampbell )

Specklepaw, ( AJmusicandstuff )
Coalpaw ( BIueMoon )
Silverpaw ( storm52201 )

Frostkit ( M00NL1T-M4SK )

Bats have infested the Caves.

Across the Ocean from Shoreclan , lies a lovely island named Lukakhukhunathi island or Coconut Island for short. This Is CoconutClan! A lushish land with beautiful green trees and bushes and Palm trees. The leader's den is on a High rock, being held up by vines , and a 5 very strong , hollow branches from an old tree. The medicine cat den isn't far away , its located in 2 large blue berry bushes , big enough for 4 Tigerstars to be in it , and he's a very large cat indeed. The elder's den is next. The elders sleep in a hollowed out log , with soft leaves and feathers. The warrior's den is hanging up from 4 strong palmtrees , being tied with Vines and ropes from when Twolegs lived here long ago. Each hanging den as somesort of stairs , which are steeping stones found from the river deep in their forest , behind the Camp. The nursery is pretty much right next to the Leader's den. It isn't directly under it just in case the leader den falls. The nursery is a little cave inside of a Rock , which was already made by nature its self. Last but not Least , the fresh kill pile is surrounded by Coconuts which are used as decor around the camp.

PalmStar - Bouncy by BIueMoon PalmStar (Jaddels)

AshenFoot ( InuShibaa )

:bulletyellow:Medicine Cat:bulletyellow:
WarrenLeap ( woooper )

GlacierStream ( EmpoweredHades6 )
AcornPelt ( Capricornuss )
MistyWing ( divergentwolf145 )
KoiLeap ( ManlyBug )
Irisleaf ( iCosmicCorpse )
FallenSkies ( ManlyBug)
OakTalon ( ??? )
MaskNose ( ??? )
SplashShadow ( QueenVivi )
BranchPelt ( ??? )
NightFire ( Vinyl268 )
SpottedClaw ( M00NL1T-M4SK )

CinderPaw ( BIueMoon )

SunStripe ( Yura-Sin )

BurnKit ( Timmy-the-Tiger )
BriarKit ( Unborn / ??? )
BlossomKit ( Unborn / ??? )
BrightKit ( Unborn / ??? )
BrambleKit ( Unborn / ??? )

Drought has started and soaked up all the clean water , so until the river returns cats shall be drinking salty ocean water.


Here are some simple rules for our group~

:bulletblue:Members are allowed 5 cats (Kits approved by your Clan Leader are the only exception)

:bulletwhite:Natural colors only

:bulletgreen:Prefixes may only be used three times, period(ex. PalmStar, PalmBreeze and PalmSway)

:bulletblack:Do not steal designs

:bulletyellow:No crazy accessories

:bulletblue:Breeding will be handled by Founder or Co-Founders, Owner of the mother keeps one, Owner of the father keeps one and any other go up for adoption

:bulletwhite:No having kits with your own two characters

:bulletgreen:No descendants of Original Warriors (Those from the books)

:bulletblack:Rogues can only be made with Founder approval

:bulletyellow:Always check for news from your clan in the front page box, important stuff may happen and you wouldn't want to miss it ;3

:bulletblue:New mates must be reported to your clan leader

:bulletgreen:All apprentices will has the suffix "Paw" (ex. ShadePaw, DapplePaw) When they become a warrior they are renamed by the Clans Leader

:bulletwhite:Kits are 1 to 5 moons, Apprentices will are 6 to 13 moons, Warriors are 14+ moons

:bulletyellow:2 weeks = 1 moons (This is when new news will be presented, new assignments will be given, etc.)

Here are some super cool groups by the way :3



Feel free to join~ Go here to find our Applictaion! :pointr: :pointl:

- Read the Name list to see what names are over used -…
- If you are told you need to change something, CHANGE IT.
- See which clans are open and which ones arn't.
:bulletred: ShoreClan is Closed for Now :bulletred:
:bulletred: FlurryClan is Closed for Now :bulletred:

Below, You'll find the brave Clan Leaders!




I'll just drop this here since this group died ;-;

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lineart set1 -cats- :icontiggercat12:tiggercat12 931 491 Warrior Cats Lineart 1~Clan Meeting~ :iconxbox-ds-gameboy:Xbox-DS-Gameboy 276 40 Help Meh Plz Base :iconhellhoundatnight:HellHoundAtNight 528 101 EXCLUSIVE - Med. Cat V2 + Elder :iconlindsayprower:LindsayPrower 630 89 Free Clan Meeting LineArt :iconxxlego-chanxx:XxLego-chanxX 389 92 Clan Meeting Lineart (MsPaint) New Description :iconvulnerose--vulpes:Vulnerose--Vulpes 926 202
Warrior cat age system
Moons = Months
Kit: 0 --> 6 moons
apprentice: 6 --> 12
Warrior/Med: 12 --> 180+
Elder: 192 --> 204+
1 Season = 3 moons
(Yr = Years)
Years = Moons/Months
1 Yr = 12
2 Yr = 24
3 Yr = 36
4 Yr = 48
5 Yr = 60
6 Yr = 72
7 Yr = 84
8 Yr = 96
9 Yr = 108
10 Yr = 120
11 Yr = 132
12 Yr = 144
13 Yr = 156
14 Yr = 168
15 Yr = 180
16 Yr = 192
17 Yr = 204...and so on.
:iconfriday11:Friday11 637 172
FREE linearts! :iconmemedokis:memedokis 1,325 379 More Lineart :iconcatfeed:CatFeed 124 20 Cat Lineart 2 :iconshadowheart0:Shadowheart0 514 189 cat ref lineart :iconevertenn:evertenn 573 77 Stocking stuffers :iconbakapup:BakaPup 1,633 164 free cat couple base :iconunknown-artist99:Unknown-Artist99 593 129 Sleeping Kits Lineart :iconookittkattoo:oOKittKattOo 542 146 Catlove :iconrukifox:RukiFox 411 42 Kitty Cat Bases :iconmintchocolatey:MintChocolatey 1,291 327


Blind Cats 1/4
Deaf Cats 0/4
Missing Limbs 0/2
Scars 1/5
Cross-Clan Relationships 2/3


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